About Farmland for a New Generation New York

Farmland for a New Generation New York is a program coordinated by American Farmland Trust – in partnership with the State of New York, agricultural organizations, land trusts, and others – that helps farmers seeking land and landowners who want to keep their land in farming. 

The program offers a statewide Resource Center with expert advisers and a website featuring training materials and listings of farmers in search of land as well as land available for farming. Farmland for a New Generation New York also supports a network of Regional Navigators, or partner organizations with dedicated staff, that provides training and on-the-ground customized support for farmers and landowners in regions across New York. 

Farmland for a New Generation New York offers services to help farmland seekers – new farmers and younger generations of farm families – while supporting retiring farmers and other farmland owners in successfully transferring their farms. This statewide website and support from American Farmland Trust staff includes:

  • An online directory of available farm properties across New York and profiles of farmers in search of land

  • Trainings, materials, and model documents to educate and support farmers and landowners

  • Experienced staff who offer a first point of contact to navigate key topics tied to accessing and transferring farmland

  • A pathway to find and access more technical expertise available to support farmers and landowners

Please Contact Us or a Regional Navigator with questions and to receive assistance with finding your farm, developing your farm succession plans, preparing your land for agriculture, or conserving your farm. 


Farmland for a New Generation New York FAQ's

1. How do I contact farmers/landowners? First, you will need to create your profile. If you are looking for land, create a farmer profile. If you are a landowner and are looking to connect with a farmer, create a landowner profile and then you will create a farm profile about your property. After you have created your profile you will receive an email to schedule a call with someone from the Farmland for a New Generation New York team. Be sure to also check your spam folder for this email. Following the phone call, we will be able to activate your profile. After your profile is activated you will be able to see the contact email for the profiles listed on the website. The contact email will be located at the top of each profile.

2. I have a profile so why can't I see the farmers/landowners contact information? Only activated profiles are able to see the contact information for those listed on the website. To activate your profile, email [email protected] to schedule a call with a team member. After you speak with a team member they will activate your profile for you. If you identified as landowner in your personal profile, you must also create a farm profile for your property before we can schedule a call. If your profile is activated, double check that you are logged into the website. You have to be logged into your account in order to see the contact information. 

3. Are there any fees for creating a profile on the Farmland for a New Generation New York Resource Center? Creating a profile and using the website is a totally free service.

4. How do I search for a farm/farmer? Look for the links to ‘Find a Farm’ or ‘Find a Farmer’ pages. Click on the appropriate link to begin your search.

5. I tried contacting a farmer/landowner and they haven’t responded. What do I do?
If you’ve tried contacting a farmer or landowner more than once, and you still haven’t heard back, reach out to us. Please let us know the name of the farm and/or person you are trying to contact. We will follow up with them and keep you updated.

6. I don’t know about my property’s soil types. How do I get that information?
Two online resources for this information are The Natural Resources Conservation Service - Web Soil Survey and The UC Davis - SoilWeb Online Soil Survey. Using one of these websites, you can generate a soil map for your property. You can also contact your local Cornell Cooperative Extension or your county Soil and Water Conservation District office for assistance. 

7. I made a connection with a farmer/farm. What do I do now? That’s great news! Please contact us to let us know. In addition to hearing the good news, we want to know if you’re looking for any follow-up resources. We will also want to know if you’d like to keep your profile active or if you’d like us to remove it from the website.

8. I would like assistance developing a farm lease? We have great resources specific to leasing farmland. These resources are listed on the website’s ‘resources’ page. You can also contact a Regional Navigator near you to inquire about their services!  All Regional Navigators contact information is listed on the 'Regional Navigator' page. 

9. I am no longer interested in having a profile on this website. How do I delete it? Contact us and we will be able to remove your profile for you!


Farmland for a New Generation New York Advisory Committee

Rogelio Bautista owns and operates R&R Produce in Orange County, New York along with his wife Yesenia. They love growing fresh produce for their customers. 

Kristen Brown is an owner and manager of Historic Brown Family Farm LLC. Kristen and her husband, Leonard, run his family's 5th generation farm in Orange County, New York. With the help of their 3 year old daughter and 6  month old son they raise beef cattle for auction, as well as freezer beef, roaster chickens and eggs. Their goal is to run a sustainable business while improving the land and ensuring their children have all the same opportunities to continue the family farm as they do. 

Becky Fullam is a farmer at Old Ford Farm, which she owns and manages with her husband Joe. Now in its 11th season, Old Ford Farm produces raw milk, eggs, meat, and vegetables. All of the farm products are sold to the local community through a farm store and CSA. In addition to growing food, Becky is passionate about teaching others about whole-foods cooking, preparing meals to share with family and friends, and engaging her two children in all the steps of food production. 

Alexander Gordon was the owner and operator of Gordon Farms, Inc., in Knox, NY until the completion of his farm sale in July 2018. As the sole proprietor of Gordon Farms, Inc., his duties included agricultural mechanics, facility maintenance and new construction, animal husbandry, record keeping, marketing, business forecasting/development, public relations, contributions to policy initiatives and lending his voice when needed, supporting agriculture in the community, maintaining good neighbor relations, and helping new farmers get established in the region. In addition, he served 6 years on the Knox Town Council and 16 years in the Albany County Legislature. He studied Agricultural Business at SUNY Cobleskill and later received his BA in Public Affairs from the University at Albany. He wrote his senior seminar research paper on Farmland Preservation in 1982 and has continued that passion to date. 

Seth Pritchard is a farmer in Ontario County, New York.

Kimberly Vallejo is the Director of Outreach at the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets.