• Emma Smalley in pasture with goat

Emma is a first-generation farmer located just outside Buffalo, NY. For the last two years Emma has been managing her own goat operation while continuing to expand her herdsmanship. She has participated in numerous courses with the Cornell Small Farms Program and completed a meat goat production certification from Langston University. Emma has also been working closely with Regional Navigators at Cornell Cooperative Extension in Erie County and American Farmland Trust to make her “dream of farm ownership come true.”

Currently Emma is renting a small space from a friend for her herd of 50 Boer and Boer/Kiko cross goats. Ideally, she would like to purchase land with lots of pasture space so an expanded herd of 150 can roam and "express more of their true goaty nature." The property must also have a home for her family of six, barn space, and be within one to two hours of Buffalo. 

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