Kramer Farms

Farm Profile: Kramer Farms, Erie County

The historic Kramer Farms has been in the family since 1848. John Kramer’s great grandfather settled in Holland, NY after he married a local herdswoman. John’s great-grandfather continued working as a shoemaker, a trade he learned in Switzerland, while his great-grandmother ran the farm. John’s grandparents kept a herd of 17 cows which grew to 70 cows after John’s father and uncle took over the farm in 1946. John bought out his uncle in 1978 and became the sole operator in 1992. Under John’s care, the herd has grown to 400-500 head and the operation to nearly 1200 acres. The operation continues to be pasture-based because John has been so savvy about acquiring acreage with high quality soils. The Kramers have nearly 800 acres of gravel and silt loams for growing crops. The acres with heavier soils have been fenced and are used for pasture. John says, “I never want to retire, but I do want to slow down some. I’m 72 years old. It’s time to start sharing more of the workload.” The Kramers would like to sell or lease the farm to an enterprising younger farmer. They are willing to do a phased buy-out and stay involved in the operation during the transition to a new owner. The Kramers are not particular about the type of operation the new owner wants to have. As John says, “This land will grow anything.” What is most important to the Kramers is that the land stays in farming.

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Published in August 2020