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Property Location
Warwick, NY
[Orange County]
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53 acres available
36 open acres for farming
17 wooded acres / other

Property Description

Description of the property’s current condition and current use(s):

35 acres of pastures used for haying currently. Full sized barn with stalls and water pump. Owner would also be willing to have livestock on the property. 

Farm Infrastructure

Infrastructure and equipment:

  • Water access
  • Barns or other facilities for storage of equipment, livestock, and crops
  • Electrical Access

Crops and Livestock

Types of crops permitted to be produced on the property:

Grains, Ornamentals, Hay, Other Crops

Types of livestock permitted on the property:

Cattle - Beef, Cattle - Dairy, Equine, Goats/Sheep, Pigs, Poultry, Other livestock

Livestock/crops description :

Open to an arrangement. Property has been primarily hayed up until this point. Could be used for any livestock. Not really interested in vegetable production, but more interested in livestock. Good opportunity for pasture raised livestock. 

Tenure Options

Tenure options:

For Lease, Other Tenure Agreement

Description of tenure options:

Looking to lease the land. Open to the term. 

Additional Information

Do you require a farmer who qualifies for agricultural assessment?:


Are you willing to have the public on the property as a part of the farm business?: