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Property Location
Cypert Rd, Woodbourne, NY
[Sullivan County]
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100 acres available
60 open acres for farming
40 wooded acres / other

Property Description

Soil types:

The fields at Hemming Farm are of the Swartswood soil type (SrB) and the woodlands are predominately of the Wellsboro (WlC)soil type, with pockets of Valois (VaC) and Scriba (SeB).

Description of the property’s current condition and current use(s):

The h
Hemming Farm is 100 acres in size that consists of approximately 40 acre wooded and 60 acre fields.  Previously, the farm was used as a horse farm that focused on pasturing and hay production.  Since the mid 1990's the farm has been owned by Sullivan ARC, an agency that provides support services to individuals living with Developmental and Cognitive disabilities. It is currently being used for recreational and environmental educational purposes.  The fields have been dormant for the last 15 years, except for areas that are currently being used for a vegtable garden and outdoor activities in a pavillion area. The areas currently in use are a small potion of available space.  There is a 12 box stall horse stable that was recently reroofed that can be used for a variety of purposes. 
It would be in the interest Sullivan ARC to find a farmer that would participate with the agency in developing opportunities for educational hands on experiences and supportive employment opprtunities for individuals living with disabilities. 

Farm history / past uses of the property:

The previous owners had boarded horses and cut hay for the farm from the mid 1950's until when the property was transferred to Sullivan ARC in the mid 1990's.  The fields have been dormant since that time.

Farm Infrastructure

Infrastructure and equipment:

  • Water access
  • Barns or other facilities for storage of equipment, livestock, and crops
  • Electrical Access

Water access description:

There is water access from hand dug wells situated in the barnstead area and from a drilled well in the pavillion area.

Barns/structures description:

The Barn is 40' x 150', cement block construction 12 box stall horse stable.  It was reroofed this past year and has plenty of space for a variety of uses. There is a more rustic hay barn and other outbuildings on the farm.  

Crops and Livestock

Types of crops permitted to be produced on the property:

Vegetables, Fruits, Grains, Hay, Other Crops

Types of livestock permitted on the property:

Goats/Sheep, Poultry

Tenure Options

Tenure options:

Farm Management, For Lease, Other Tenure Agreement

Description of tenure options:

tenure options are negotiable, a long term lease is preferable

Additional Information

Preferences and restrictions on agricultural activities:

Sustainable pernaculture based on natural farming practices are the prefered agricultural practices

Do you require a farmer who qualifies for agricultural assessment?:


Are you willing to have the public on the property as a part of the farm business?: