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Property Location
7031 Gleason Hill Road, Belfast, NY
[Allegany County]
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250 acres available
180 open acres for farming
60 wooded acres / other

Property Description

Soil types:

From Web Soil Survey the majority of property is prime farmland or soils of statewide importance. Rhineback Silt Loam 35 B and C, Rushford Channery Silt Loam 58 C/D/E, Mardin Channery Silt Loam 62C, Volusia and Towerville Silt Loam 68 C/D and 72 C/D/E

Description of the property’s current condition and current use(s):

Farm has had grazing cattle for past 3 years. Has not had crops since early 2000's. It was an active dairy farm up until the 2000s. 

Farm history / past uses of the property:

Dairy farm and rotation crops 

Farm Infrastructure

Infrastructure and equipment:

  • Fencing
  • Water access
  • Barns or other facilities for storage of equipment, livestock, and crops
  • Electrical Access

Fencing description:

Perimeter electric fence 

Water access description:

Well water access and other natural water sources on property. 

Barns/structures description:

Barn and shop on property are structurally sound, but could use some TLC. 


Crops and Livestock

Types of crops permitted to be produced on the property:

Vegetables, Fruits, Grains, Ornamentals, Hay, Other Crops

Types of livestock permitted on the property:

Cattle - Beef, Cattle - Dairy, Equine, Goats/Sheep, Pigs, Poultry, Other livestock

Livestock/crops description :

Open to any type of agriculture. End goal is to see the property revitalized as a working operation. Could work out an arrangement with a vegetable farmer who is looking to lease a smaller portion of property. Open to a livestock operation as well. 

Tenure Options

Tenure options:

For Lease

Description of tenure options:

Looking to lease for short or long term. Must be 5 years for the agricultural assessment. Would like a farmer to qualify the land for the ag assessment. 

Additional Information

Conservation status:


Current land zoning:


Is the property located in a NY Agricultural District?:


Do you require a farmer who qualifies for agricultural assessment?:


Are you willing to have the public on the property as a part of the farm business?: