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Property Location
Centre Rd., Staatsburg, NY
[Dutchess County]
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0 acres available
0 open acres for farming
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Property Description

Description of the property’s current condition and current use(s):

Planet Organic is a farm in planning. If you're like me and don't want to farm alone, I have what is likely an interesting offer for you. I propose to partner and invest in your farm (not lease) or purchase a farm with you if you're heading that way.
With my investment, I'll contribute to your farm's operations as well as run my own regenerative, holistically managed, farm enterprises; pastured livestock and poultry; specialty mushrooms; market garden. Profits will return to the Farm/Conservancy/Farmers. 
My wish is to farm profitably, of course; grow soil, clean water, healthy diverse habitats, and happy occupants. I'll seek to lower the entry to regenerative farming managed holistically for new farmers, young and old with on-farm and online training. To that end I've started what I'm calling a Farm Kit Wiki. Thank you for your consideration.
I look forward to connecting with you on this and other farm ventures.
- David McGhee
ps. In the case that your farm is in Conservancy, Easement or Foundation my participation could be accommodated by a donation to same in return for board membership and benefits.
Summary Draft Proposal
$500,000 - Total All-In Cash Membership/Donation/Investment.
I'm seeking to farm and live on the farm while managing and running several farm enterprises. Once profitable, after my farm enterprises' income surpasses my investment, I'll wish to draw a small stipend. Otherwise, my wish is that the revenue from farming return to the farm. I'm 64 and in good health. This is my third career and retirement plan. 
Farmer Profile: https://hudsonvalleyfarmlandfinder.org/find-a-farmer/farmer/2473
Year One-Two Spending Plan; ($350,000)
   $50,000    Membership/Buy in Fee
   $75,000    OP Farm Budget - Farm Enterprises - livestock, poultry, veg, mushroom, farm business;
$100,000    OP Farm Budget -  Structure Equip/Tools/Supplies.
   $75,000   OP L&L Budget - Residence/Lodge Renovation/Construction.
   $25,000   OP L&L Budget - Learn Events Supplies.
   $25,000+ OP L&L and Mentor/Farmer Salaries/Training.
Farm Partnership/Foundation/Conservancy Benefits;
Cash Investment in land, infrastructure, structure.
McGhee (1 FTE) 40+ Hours/wk.
Farm Tax advantage.
Sustainable farm income targeting profitability that supports three families (six farm employees) by year five.
Farm Agrotourism/Education Center.
Participation in Organic Regenerative Agriculture Holistically Managed.
Clean whole foods.
Community service.
Healthy soil, clean water, diverse habitats, happy inhabitants.
Member/Partner Farmer (McGhee) Roles and Benefits;
Property Manager*
Farm Manager*
Lodge & Learn Manager*
Foundation Board Seat*
Farm Residency 
Stipend after 3 years of profitable farming (TBD)
Some sort of cache after break even (Predicted in Year 7) that leaves the farm with an Ag Easement/Conservancy/Legacy for my contribution.
   *As necessary or appropriate. I don't need much. I'm more interested in what I leave rather than what I take.
Below are some links with various info that may help you decide about me.
Wix; Website that drafts the Farms Community Focus
Youtube; Presentation that drafts Planet Organic's direction.
HV Farmlink; Draft of my Investment intent
Farm Kit Wiki; Expanding encyclopedia of various farm enterprises for new farmers young and old who want to farm regeneratively and holistically; One stop "How-to".
Facebook; Me
Linkedin; Former Me

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Partnership, For Sale, Other Tenure Agreement

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