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  • P.R

    Beginning farmer. Initial plans are to start a permaculture homestead to produce food for my family and expand overtime to selling planting herbs, mushrooms and nuts wholesale. Ideally seeking land in Orange County or in the Finger Lakes region.

    Updated Sep 21, 2023

  • Barclay Smyly

    Need 5-10 acres of cleared land for 2024 growing season.
    Organically growing 37 vegetables on 200+ permanent raised beds (low till, no tractor), 1 Greenhouse, 2 Hoop Houses & 1 Wash & Pack Building w/ Walk-in Box. Access to water is a necessity.

    Updated Sep 20, 2023

  • Mike Freeman

    I am looking for a nice place to live and help out on a farm for a mutually beneficial relationship. I'm a certified permaculture teacher and owned a 40 acre homestead in Colorado. I raised bees, fruit bushes, with a market garden, & land restoration

    Updated Sep 20, 2023

  • Ray K

    I would like to start up a flower farm. Im also interested in permaculture and sustainability. I’d love to grow into a full functioning farm with animals and the potential for people to visit. We’ll see how it goes though!

    Updated Sep 20, 2023

  • Ash Lovett

    Experienced, ecosystems-friendly farmer seeking forever farm.

    Updated Sep 18, 2023

  • Tiffany Cinar

    Previous Organic Dairy Farm owner, due to partnership dissolution currently looking to find a farm to start over and create my legacy.

    Updated Sep 17, 2023

  • Mastwood Farms

    We plant and manage low maintenance an profitable tree crops such as Chestnuts, Persimmons and Oil Nuts on fields and pastures with landowners who want to incorporate additional income while creating beneficial shade and diversity in their fields.

    Updated Sep 15, 2023

  • Samantha Bell

    I can’t remember a time not being in the garden, I grew up caring for crops and a diversity of farm animals. I practice organic, sustainable agriculture with no waste. I would love to put my passion and skills into a farm, so that It may continue to thrive and be productive for years to come.

    Updated Sep 13, 2023

  • MX Morningstar Farm

    We are an established and professional organic vegetable farm looking for land to help us rotate our crops and grow soil nurturing cover crops.

    Updated Sep 13, 2023

  • Jean Remarque

    Hello my name is Jean Remarque. I'm a Haitian American Urban Zero waste environmentalist and a artist. I'm a recent graduate of the Brooklyn Botanical Garden B.U.G program and I also completed my certification with GrowNyC beginners Farmers cohort. Currently I'm working on my apprenticeship with EarthMatter. I'm on a path/mission and I'm in the phase where I would like to gain a tenure for mentorship and guidance so I can have access farm land.The vision and mission is to steward land and build community through cultivation and diversity and eliminate food injustice and to provide food sovereignty to those communities who have been marginalized. Creating a year round agro-tourism holistic permaculture landscapedesign conservatory. We will offer food to serve the local undeserved community provide educational and employment opportunities. Sell at local farmers markets. I'm ready for a tenure at a Farmers Cooperative.

    Updated Sep 13, 2023

  • Davis Lindsey

    I am looking for:
    (1) Cropland, 2 - 4 acres, for diversified annual production.
    (2) At (in order) Columbia, Greene, Delaware, Ulster, and Dutchess counties.
    (3) A land partnership for a prospective microbusiness cannabis license.

    Updated Sep 13, 2023

  • Sirajul Mojumder

    Looking for livestock farm in lower Hudson valley that is set up for cattle, goat, or sheep. I would like to lease or become a partner with the owner. I have a business plan and I have hands on knowledge to generate 1m to 3m sales based on farm setup. I am willing for share my plan with a farm owner who is interested in long term business partnership.

    Updated Sep 13, 2023

  • Sid Lewin-Holmes

    Hello my name is Sid and I am a flower farmer who has 3 years of farming experience and I seek 2-5 acres of land to lease or lease to own. I will use organic and regenerative farming practices and hope to leave the land healthier than I found it. I have a vision of my farm providing a community space with an emphasis on mental and physical well being. I want the public to be able to interact with the flowers I grow and the space I create and host things like flower arranging courses or yoga/meditation classes. I want to start by getting my systems down as a farmer before implementing a lot of community engagement but do intend on trialing some programming in the first year if possible.

    Updated Sep 13, 2023

  • Olga Nedlin

    I have some experience raising hens.
    I am looking for land to start raising egg laying hens again, as well as possibly organic berries and/or vegetables.

    Updated Sep 8, 2023

  • David Swetz

    Looking for an acre to rent or lease for short term to start to operate a market garden. I am currently working at a small organic farm and I prefer to use organic methods of farming and no till. I am seeking land in the lower Hudson Valley.

    Updated Sep 6, 2023

  • Nick

    Hello - I'm a beekeeper interested in locating apiaries at local farms. I'm also an attorney with farm and food legal experience.

    Updated Sep 6, 2023

  • Deb Klughers /Bonac Bees

    I’ve been in business over 10 years , as Bonac Bees LLC & manage over 100 colonies of honey bees on eastern Long Island. I am a certified Master Beekeeper & produce products of the bee hive, give talks & lectures, & mentor beekeepers on all levels.

    Updated Sep 6, 2023

  • Adina Daar

    I am seeking a greenhouse to grow Luffa Sponges. Luffa can be used throughout the home in place of plastic sponges and composted when ready to replace. I have had previous success growing luffas in this zone (see photos).

    Updated Sep 1, 2023

  • Ben Harris

    I am an organic vegetable and flower farmer with about ten years experience, including four in which I had my own farm in CT. Currently seeking land opportunities in NY State.

    Updated Sep 1, 2023

  • Nikolay Boyadzhiev

    I am exploring options to to start a farming business on a small scale as a supplemental income for now and build more experience. My bee hives are outgrowing my land and need space to expand. Looking for a land owner willing to lease or partner

    Updated Sep 1, 2023

  • Uday Kak LLC

    Interested in finding land within a couple hours of New York City to start up a hemp farm and CBD retail shop. New to hemp farming, but have extensive experience in retail. Looking to produce on a small scale indoors.

    Updated Aug 31, 2023

  • Maya Kotsogiannis

    I am looking for a place to grow my business. I currently grow organic vegetables for CSA and would like to expand my vegetable operation as well as add small livestock. I have been farming for 12 years and have owned my own farm for four years.

    Updated Aug 29, 2023

  • Diane Loverchio

    I am an equestrian with lifelong experience taking care of horses and looking to expand to other farm animals and crops. I would love to start a nonprofit organization to help produce food for schools and local boys and girls clubs. 

    Updated Aug 28, 2023

  • Alkebu-lan Legacy Ranch

    Fusing Salatin & Judy methods, my farm breeds Cornish Cross chickens through rotational grazing and raises hair sheep & Red Waddle pigs regeneratively. Passionately tending to soil, I will nurture a sustainable haven.

    Updated Aug 25, 2023

  • Sam

    Looking for tillable lands for crops in orange county NY.

    Updated Aug 21, 2023

  • Devin Shomaker

    I would like to farm around 1 acre of grapevines. I would also be interested in a tiny home short term rental business to accompany the vineyard install.

    Updated Aug 21, 2023

  • Tyler Bomba-lewandoski

    I'm a 20yr old 4gen farmer from ct looking to.branch off our faimly farm and make my own path. I just need Land and a place to store hay as I plan on selling square bales. I already have a line of equipment

    Updated Aug 17, 2023

  • Robert Sellers

    I am looking for some acreage to raise sheep. It does not have to be a lot, but does need to have some form of shelter for them at night.

    Updated Aug 15, 2023

  • Allie Jeffrey

    I am an emerging farmer looking for an experienced mentor that is willing to pass on their agricultural/horticultural knowledge. I have extensive experience creating and teaching agriculture-based curricula through Cornell Cooperative Extension and would love to partner with a farm that values education.

    Ag/Hort Experience:
    -5+ years growing backyard organic vegetables,
    -3+ years as a hobbyist beekeeper,
    -2 years of experience working as a 4-H educator with Cornell Cooperative Extension - teaching youth about beef/dairy cattle, meat/dairy goats, sheep, llamas/alpacas, horses, donkeys, poultry and a variety of fruits/vegetables,
    -Will soon be completing required hours for Master Food Preserver Certification.

    Updated Aug 15, 2023

  • Aubrey Carter (

    Looking to start a small scale, regenerative ag farm focused on vegetable and mushroom production. Have moderate experience in both but not on the scale I'd like to achieve.

    Updated Aug 15, 2023

  • Shauna Bodwell

    I am looking for land to start a grass fed sheep operation. I plan to use regenerative land practices, along with non antibiotic animal practices

    Updated Aug 15, 2023

  • Jackie Ellis

    Small scale flower and microgreens farmer seeking to expand and obtain more acreage within the NY Capital Region

    Updated Aug 7, 2023

  • Daniel Bartush

    Looking for a small amount of tillable acreage (1-5 acres) with water and electricity to start a farm business. My primary interests are in dahlias, dried flowers and a culinary focused garden. The ability to host farm dinners would be a huge bonus

    Updated Aug 7, 2023

  • Jordan Macaulay

    I am a young farmer who seeks ground or a facility to rent for my own animals. Have over 10 years in agriculture and have references to prove. Have own equipment and cattle. Very motivated

    Updated Aug 7, 2023

  • Thomas Clark

    31YO, looking to find farmland to practice sustainable/regenerative agriculture with wife. Wife currently obtaining PhD in forest management, we hope to use that towards our care for our land. She will graduate in 2026 but we hope to start soon in NY

    Updated Aug 3, 2023

  • Jonny Williams

    I would like to partner with someone that has the same like interests as I. I am interested in perennial based systems such as fruit production in terms of blueberries, raspberries, tree fruit, or tree nuts. Would also consider farm management opportunities.

    Updated Aug 3, 2023

  • Burke Family Homestead

    We are a family of 6 looking to partner with a farmer who would like to see their land be used sustainably and productively to farm up to 20 acres for both personal use and agribusiness.

    Updated Aug 2, 2023

  • Jacob Okam

    To grow Vegetables for food supply.

    Updated Jul 31, 2023

  • Brian Lenhard, Park View Farm

    Looking to increase production of pasture raised livestock and need more land.

    Updated Jul 27, 2023

  • Imnallo

    Looking for additional land with existing infrastructure for diversified farmstead based in Taghkanic NY

    Updated Jul 27, 2023

  • Eleanor

    We are two teachers looking to get back to nature. Willing to help, learn, share along the way. Thank you!

    Updated Jul 27, 2023

  • Jordan Baracca

    Seeking a farm for grassed based livestock production .. preferably dairy..but will also include beef and other livestock.. would need some equipment if available..farmer housing for 2 adults and 2 children ages 10 and 16 who have a very strong interest and are currently active in livestock production

    Updated Jul 25, 2023

  • Andrew and Olivia Sweeney

    Looking for an existing farmstead with on site or nearby housing. We would prefer to partner with an established farmer working towards retirement, or farm management with the prospect of a future purchase/buyout.

    Updated Jul 21, 2023

  • Monica

    Hobby farmer growing perennial and annual flowers for sale in local markets. Looking to develop relationship with standing business for collaboration

    Updated Jul 20, 2023

  • Matthew Graziano

    I plan on raising livestock primarily for meat production and growing some crops on the side. I also plan on starting a confectionary business by eventually renting a modified shipping container or trailer.

    Updated Jul 20, 2023

  • Hannah Wizeman

    I am a young woman farmer who has about nine years of farming experience and a degree in food systems and ecological agriculture. I am looking for a small piece of land to begin my own organic farm business on.

    Updated Jul 18, 2023

  • Dana Cavalea / Freedom Farms

    We are a family farm who has a direct to consumer meat business looking to expand.

    Updated Jul 18, 2023

  • Good Chi Farm

    I am Betsy Ho and currently sublet a 2-acre parcel in Kingston, growing Asian veg. I'm seeking a long-term lease or lease to buy, 5-10 acres. Must have electricity, irrigation water, potable water, fencing and storage.

    Updated Jul 18, 2023

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