Eric Frawley

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Farming Status and Plans

Description of farming status, plans, and practices:

Huge interest in agriculture and the small farms movement. Interested to get involved and act as an investor or partner. Would be comfortable making the investment while yielding most of the day to day decisions to a partner. Looking for property close to the city as that is where the primary residence is. 

Farm Characteristics

Preferred location:

  • Hudson Valley
    • Dutchess
    • Orange
    • Putnam
    • Rockland
    • Westchester

Desired acreage:

1-5, 6-10, 11-20, 21-50

Infrastructure required:

Onsite housing, Farm equipment, Water access, Electrical Access

Crops and Livestock

Primary crops:

Vegetables, Fruits

Description of livestock/crops:

Would prefer vegetables, fruits, grains, or other horticultural enterprises. 

Farmland Tenure

Tenure options desired:

For Lease, For Sale

Description of tenure options desired:

Perfer to buy a property at this time

Additional Information