Alkebu-lan Legacy Ranch

Fusing Salatin & Judy methods, my farm breeds Cornish Cross chickens through rotational grazing and raises hair sheep & Red Waddle pigs regeneratively. Passionately tending to soil, I will nurture a sustainable haven.

Preferred counties/regions

  • Western

Desired acreage

  • 11-20
  • 21-50
  • 51-100
  • >100

Farming Status

Aspiring farmer: 1 year or less of farming experience

Currently farming part-time

Primary reason for farming

Farm will generate the majority of my income

Farming status, plans, and practices

Embracing my deep-rooted passion for sustainable agriculture, I'm excited to unveil my visionary farm plan. Drawing inspiration from Joel Salatin and Greg Judy, I'm dedicated to weaving regenerative farming techniques into every thread of my farm's tapestry.

Picture this: my flourishing farm is a testament to ethical farming practices. Cornish Cross chickens roam in mobile coops, echoing Salatin's rotational grazing, ensuring their well-being while nurturing the soil. The symphony of Royal White and Katahdin hair sheep harmonizes with Greg Judy's principles, their natural foraging enhancing both land and meat quality.

But it doesn't end there. St. Croix crossed sheep roam, mirroring nature's rhythm, and Red Waddle feeder pigs explore wooded paradises. Each animal contributes to the farm's vitality, thanks to the regenerative dance of rotational grazing.

My heart swells with pride as I cultivate not just crops, but the very soil beneath. Guided by Salatin and Judy's wisdom, I'm stitching together a vibrant, sustainable farm that honors the land's gifts. This is my passion, my dream - a haven of mindful farming where every creature plays a vital, symbiotic role in the intricate web of life.

Farm Experience & Education

  • Farm internship/apprenticeship
  • Farmer training or workshop
  • On farm work experience

My journey into sustainable farming has been a rich tapestry of learning and experience. I've delved deep into the teachings of Greg Judy and Joel Salatin, immersing myself in every book they've penned. Their insights have become the cornerstone of my farming ethos.

From theory to practice, I've raised my own backyard chickens, taking them through the entire process from rearing to processing. This hands-on involvement has given me a profound appreciation for the importance of humane and ethical practices in farming.

To understand the intricate web of marketing and commerce, I pored over "Food to Fork," absorbing its wisdom on bringing farm products to consumers. This broader perspective has equipped me with diverse strategies to ensure the fruits of my labor reach those who value them.

My dedication to learning is a tireless pursuit. I actively engage in farm workshops, seminars, and immersive farm tours, enriching my understanding of holistic farming techniques and sustainable approaches. The invaluable knowledge gained from these experiences fuels my passion and refines my methodology.

It's through these interactions that I've discovered the power of local farming networks. Assisting friends with their farms has not only solidified my understanding of concepts like chicken tractors and rotational grazing for hair sheep, but it's also fostered a sense of community and shared purpose.

In summary, my journey is one of continuous growth, driven by a thirst for knowledge and a commitment to embodying the principles of regenerative agriculture. From reading to practical application, from formal education to grassroots collaborations, every facet of my path contributes to the creation of a farm that's not only sustainable but also a beacon of ethical, mindful farming practices.

Farming Plans and Practices

Farming method or practice

  • Regenerative/Sustainable

Primary crops

  • No Crops

Primary livestock

  • Black outline of a sheep Goats/Sheep
  • Black outline of a pig Pigs
  • Black outline of a chicken Poultry

Within the heart of my farm's purpose lies a commitment to raising three distinct yet equally important animals, each contributing to our mission of providing exceptional meat while upholding ethical practices.

Firstly, I'm excited to embark on the journey of raising Cornish Cross chickens. These birds are renowned for their rapid growth and tender meat. With a focus on their well-being and ample space to roam, I'm dedicated to ensuring their lives are as comfortable and stress-free as possible.

Secondly, the presence of Red Waddle feeder pigs will grace our farm. These pigs are no ordinary breed; their distinct appearance is matched only by the superior quality of their meat. My pledge is to offer them an environment where they can root, roam, and exhibit natural behaviors, translating to pork that's not only delicious but ethically produced.

Last but not least, I'm equally devoted to the rearing of hair sheep. Whether the majestic Royal White or the robust St. Croix cross, these sheep will graze upon carefully managed pastures. Their diet will be diverse and natural, enhancing the flavor and nutrition of their meat.

Through meticulous care, ethical practices, and a commitment to sustainable farming, my farm's triad of Cornish Cross chickens, Red Waddle feeder pigs, and hair sheep will flourish. Each animal's journey, from birth to harvest, will be a testament to the harmonious relationship between responsible farming and exceptional meat production.

Marketing Method

In addition to my dedication to raising top-quality animals, I am equally focused on connecting these premium products with conscious consumers. My marketing strategy encompasses a variety of avenues to ensure that the fruits of my labor find their way to appreciative tables.

One avenue I'm excited about is collaborating with renowned platforms like Meat Church. This partnership not only aligns with my values of delivering exceptional meat but also offers a direct link to a community of discerning individuals who appreciate the art of fine meat preparation.

Furthermore, I recognize the power of local markets and farmers' markets. These vibrant spaces not only allow me to engage directly with consumers but also foster a sense of community. Here, I can share the story of my farm, the meticulous care each animal receives, and the ethical practices that underpin everything I do.

Embracing the digital age, I'll leverage social media platforms to showcase my farm's journey, from the picturesque landscapes to the nurturing of animals. This transparent approach not only builds trust but also allows customers to follow along as they become part of the farm's narrative.

Collaborations with local restaurants and farm-to-table establishments are also on my radar. These partnerships not only bolster the local economy but also showcase my commitment to sustainable farming and ethical practices to a wider audience.

In essence, my marketing methods are diverse, reflecting both the artisanal nature of my products and my dedication to sustainability. Through partnerships, community engagement, digital storytelling, and collaborations, I'm excited to share the bounty of my farm and contribute to the growing movement of conscious consumption.

Farm business plan or farm resume

I have a business plan

Farmland Needs

Infrastructure required

  • Black outline of a water drop Water access

If you have housing on the property that would be awesome so I could live and work in the same place but if not I have no issues with traveling.

Desired Tenure

Tenure options desired

  • For Lease
  • Business Partnership
  • Farm Management
  • Cooperative Model
  • Other Tenure Agreement

My aspiration is to secure a minimum 10-year farm lease, reflecting my deep commitment and serious intent to cultivate a thriving agricultural livelihood. With unwavering dedication, I am poised to transform my passion into a sustainable reality, nurturing the land, raising exceptional animals, and fostering a prosperous future through the art of farming.

Estimated price range for a lease or a purchase of a farm property


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