Barclay Smyly

Need 5-10 acres of cleared land for 2024 growing season.
Organically growing 37 vegetables on 200+ permanent raised beds (low till, no tractor), 1 Greenhouse, 2 Hoop Houses & 1 Wash & Pack Building w/ Walk-in Box. Access to water is a necessity.

Preferred counties/regions

  • Dutchess County
  • Putnam County
  • Westchester County

Desired acreage

  • 5 or fewer
  • 6-10

Farming Status

Beginning farmer: 10 years or less of experience managing a farm business

Currently farming part-time

Primary reason for farming

Farm will generate the majority of my income

Farming status, plans, and practices


Seeking 5-10 acres of land (ideally cleared) for 2024 growing season.

Find land with housing & water access in the Hudson Valley.


Implement efficient, high turnover organic vegetable crop plan, growing 37 vegetables on 200+ permanent raised beds.

Land improvements: 1 Greenhouse (35x100), 2 Hoop Houses & 1 Wash & Pack Building w/ Walk-in Box will be invested in, if not already on the land. 

Crop map & crop plan calendar for entire 2024 season is complete. Important reference dates on the crop plan task calender include seedling/seeding, hardening off, stale seed bed, transplanting, cultivation, harvesting & a multitude of additional tasks for each crop & every generation of the crop helping us operate an organized & efficient business. When you are growing 37 vegetables & planting 4-21 generations of a crop through the growing season, a calendar with all roundabout dates of when a task should happen is a necessity.  


-Organic (non-certified)

-Permanent Raised Beds

-Low Till (Only cultivating top few inches of each bed ensuring soil structure & important microorganisms aren’t disturbed)

-Broad Fork (aerates soil & helps guide roots of vegetables straight down with ease)

Farm Experience & Education

  • Farm manager
  • On farm work experience

2 Years of on farm work experience (learned many ways of how not to operate an organic vegetable operation)

1 year of farm manager experience (implemented proven organic practices learned from successful organic vegetable growers reaping excellent results)

Farming Plans and Practices

Farming method or practice

  • Organic (not certified)
  • Regenerative/Sustainable

Primary crops

  • black outline of a carrot Vegetables

Primary livestock

  • No Livestock


Marketing Method

CSA (consumer supported agriculture) 50 to 100 weekly shares

Weekly farmers market

Weekly deliveries to at least 10 restaurants

Weekly deliveries to multiple smaller grocery stores

Farm business plan or farm resume

I have a business plan

Farmland Needs

Infrastructure required

  • black outline house icon Farmer housing
  • Black outline of a water drop Water access

Farmer housing & water access 

Desired Tenure

Tenure options desired

  • For Sale
  • Other Tenure Agreement

Ideally a lease to own arrangement (open to discussing all options) b/c the improvements to the land will be a significant monetary & time investment.

Creating 218 raised beds, purchasing & construction one 35'x100' greenhouse + two 16'x100' caterpillar tunnels, irrigation system, constructing one wash & pack building w/ walk-in box & improving organic matter in soil w/ compost/natural fertilizers etc.

Has this farmer received a pre-qualification from a lending institution?


Will this operation qualify an eligible landowner for an Agricultural Assessment?


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