Gabriel R. Lee-Pelt

I grew up working on all my friends farms primarily dairy in Eden, NY & always wanted a farm of my own. I have two children 2 & 7 months and I would love for them too grow up feeding the cows & Pigs & helping their dad make hay.

Preferred counties/regions

  • Finger Lakes
  • Western

Desired acreage

  • 21-50
  • 51-100
  • >100

Farming Status

Beginning farmer: 10 years or less of experience managing a farm business

Currently farming part-time

Primary reason for farming

Farm will generate a portion of my income

Farming status, plans, and practices

I'd like to start a livestock farm, that raises beef, poultry, & swine. I'd like to sell the meat in 10-30lbs boxes at farmers markets and online. I'd like to raise high quality well cared for pasture animals. I think that one of the most important things in our world is land & it needs to be safeguarded and cared for, the way our grandparents taught us when they were still farming. It's my goal to produce everything that my livestock eat and ensure that my customers have the best available meat possible. 

Farm Experience & Education

  • Farm owner
  • On farm work experience

I grew up helping my friends on their farms in Eden, NY, primarily dairy farming. My wife and I bought our own small farm in Springwater new york and have raised Pigs and dairy goats for 2 years. But we are separated and I really want to keep farming for my children, they love it more than anything. When I take my son for a ride on the tractor or have him carry nails for me when I'm building the barn it lights up his face and that's all you can ask for as a parent. Farming is my identity and honestly I don't know who I'd be without it. I'm an operating engineer in the IUOE, so I have a lot of experience running equipment and fixing diesel engines, which will only help me in running a farm. 

Farming Plans and Practices

Farming method or practice

  • Conventional
  • Regenerative/Sustainable

Primary crops

  • black outline of a wheat germ Grains
  • black outline hay icon Hay

Primary livestock

  • black outline cow icon Cattle - Beef
  • Black outline of a pig Pigs
  • Black outline of a chicken Poultry
  • Black outline of a bee Bees

I'd like to start a pasture raised herd of beef, swine, & poultry to sell the meat as cuts at farmers markets and an online store. 

Marketing Method

Paid ads on social media like Facebook and Instagram. 

Farmers markets with email sign ups to sustain customers. 

Word of mouth, I'm in construction so I work with hundreds of people in different trades every year. 

Farm business plan or farm resume

My business plan or farm resume is in progress

Farmland Needs

Infrastructure required

  • black outline barn with silo icon Barns - Livestock
  • black outline electrical icon Electrical access
  • black outline tractor icon Equipment
  • black outline house icon Farmer housing
  • Black outline of a water drop Water access

I'd like to take over a farm from someone who either can do it alone or is retiring. I'd love to have an older sharper mind to help mentor me in all the farming they've done and help me gain that experience. 

Desired Tenure

Tenure options desired

  • For Lease
  • Business Partnership
  • Farm Management

I'd love a mentorship, I want to lease a farm preferably with a house to live, with the option to buy a few years down the road. 

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