Joshua Yuna

My goal is to collaborate with a farmer to create an agri-hotel that offers a sustainable and eco-friendly glamping experience on a working farm.

Preferred counties/regions

  • Hudson Valley
  • Finger Lakes
  • Long Island

Desired acreage

  • 6-10
  • 11-20
  • 21-50
  • 51-100
  • >100

Farming Status

Aspiring farmer: 1 year or less of farming experience

Not currently farming

Primary reason for farming


Farming status, plans, and practices

My goal is to collaborate with a farmer to establish an agri-hotel that provides a unique and authentic glamping experience on a working farm. Our agri-hotel would provide a sustainable and eco-friendly space for visitors to enjoy a vacation while learning about farming practices.

Agri-hotels are becoming increasingly popular worldwide, offering farmers an opportunity to diversify their income streams and providing tourists with an opportunity to experience farm life. Our agri-hotel would feature luxurious tents, complete with modern amenities, overlooking scenic farmland. Guests would have the opportunity to partake in farm activities such as milking cows or harvesting crops and relishing fresh, locally sourced meals.

Collaborating with a farmer would help to create a symbiotic relationship between the agri-hotel and the farm, whereby guests can witness sustainable farming practices firsthand. This venture would enable city-dwellers to experience sustainable agriculture and learn about food production while enjoying a relaxing vacation.

My long-term goal is to establish a thriving agri-hotel that would serve as a model for sustainable tourism in the region. It would promote ecotourism and sustainable agriculture in the area, benefiting both the local community and the environment. Ultimately, my ambition is to create a successful and sustainable agri-hotel that would attract visitors from all over the world, enabling them to enjoy a unique, authentic, and relaxing vacation on a working farm.

Farm Experience & Education

Farming Plans and Practices

Farming method or practice

  • No method

Primary crops

  • black outline of a carrot Vegetables
  • black outline apple icon Fruits
  • black outline of a flower Flowers or Ornamentals
  • black outline maple icon Maple

Primary livestock

  • Black outline of a bee Bees

Farm business plan or farm resume

I have a business plan

Farmland Needs

Infrastructure required

  • black outline barn icon Barns - Equipment Storage
  • black outline house icon Farmer housing

The farm would require irrigation systems, greenhouses, composting facilities, and animal housing. It would also need to be equipped with the tools and equipment required for organic farming practices, such as seed drills, plows, and harvesting machinery. Additionally, it would be essential to implement sustainable practices that reduce the farm's environmental footprint, such as the use of renewable energy sources and natural pest control methods. The farm would also need to have an efficient supply chain for sourcing locally-grown produce and other ingredients to prepare meals for the agri-hotel guests. Overall, the infrastructure required for an agri-hotel would focus on promoting sustainable and eco-friendly farming practices, ensuring a unique and authentic experience for the guests.

Desired Tenure

Tenure options desired

  • For Lease
  • For Sale
  • Business Partnership

Ideally looking for a business partnership between farmer with a farm and myself and all my resources 

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