Dairy Herd Manager

Churchtown Dairy


Churchtown Dairy is a biodynamic farm that intends to serve as a beacon for those working to promote organic agriculture and sustainable communities. We support the development of regenerative and resilient food systems while raising public awareness of the positive impacts ecological agriculture can have on the health of the human being and the earth. We strive to imbue all our work with beauty—the buildings and gardens, the care for the animals, our raw milk and cheese, and the economic and social systems within which we work.
We welcome all - farmers and gardeners, educators and learners, artists and social reformers - to join us in exploring solutions to the pressing needs of our time.

Job Description

Churchtown Dairy is looking for an experienced individual to manage all aspects of our organic, grass-fed system and share their knowledge with apprentices and full-time milkers. The ideal candidate would enjoy teaching others and fostering a learning environment.  Comfort with managing others is important.  The ideal candidate might be at the end of their career and enjoy a shift down in intensity and workload, but still want to encourage the next generation of dairy farmers.  It’s also possible you are earlier on in your career but have significant experience/education and are motivated to lead and educate.  Or you’re just looking for the right dairy to bring your enthusiasm for small scale dairying.


Compensation for this position will be commensurate with managers of a small-scale dairy with room for negotiation for the right person. Our priority is finding the right person. Churchtown Dairy offers a full benefits package with health, dental and vision fully provided.  Paid time off is built into our compensation package and is flexible.  We milk year-round, but make sure to plan vacations and give staff time away from the farm.  


Our milking system is well established, and our cow health is excellent.   We use both AI and bulls.  We have a strong bond with our cows and an intimate milking space.  Our herd is dual purpose and quite diverse.  We hope to develop our own breed that best fits our fields and goals.  Normande genetics will be introduced this year.  We wish to have a herd manager join our team to deepen our skills transfer and provide long term development of the herd and the pastures.  We focus on regenerative and biodynamic agriculture and wish to put significant energy into proper grazing.  Our fence and water systems are well established and provide an ideal situation to manage and further develop the grazing system.


The herd manager will be expected to milk several shifts per week, but the focus will be on management and education.  We have a small team (5) and attempt to provide opportunities for all staff to participate in all areas of the farming (hay making, fencing, water, mechanical repair, operation improvements).  The herd manager position is focused on quality milk production, herd health, grazing management, milk house oversight and staff management.  The herd manager will have significant responsibilities, but accommodations are made for a work/life balance.  As if farming isn't "life"!


Churchtown Dairy is a nonprofit organization, so experience in nonprofits is helpful, though not necessary.  Our management structure is more horizontal than most.  The managers of the store, gardens, creamery, facilities and farm meet often to synchronize operations and make decisions.  You will be supervised by the Farm Manager who will help integrate your work with the rest of the Dairy.


Churchtown Dairy is a Demeter biodynamic certified 25-cow dairy that sells bottled raw milk and a variety of cheese products.  The farm currently manages a total livestock population of 75 bovine, 20 pork, and a few chickens, goats and mules.  We sell beef and pork along with a number of local farm goods from partners.  In addition to our store, we also engage the public through events such as harvest festivals, farmer training workshops, theatrical productions and community discussion groups.  Our signature round barn serves as a venue space during the summer when cows are on pasture.  We produce a significant amount of our own forage onsite and buy in the needed balance.  We hope to produce all our own forage one day.  We have an excellent compost system and make an effort to improve fertility each year through compost and biodynamic preparations application, grazing strategies and frost seeding.   Our cows are about 95% grass fed.  We serve as a research site for carbon sequestration, methane emissions and other projects that are often managed by Hudson Carbon.  We hope to train and educate farmers while serving as a platform for research and conversation.


If this seems like a possibility for you, please contact us and we’ll be sure to reply.  With the season upon us, we will be busy, but we’re dedicated to making time to find the next Dairy Herd Manager to become a part of Churchtown Dairy.