Family Farm Operator

Location: Parish, NY (Oswego County)

Term: Part-time, Year round

Salary: $15-20k starting in 2024 plus free rent

Deadline to apply:

How to apply: [email protected]

Wainscott Farms

Family farm - private property with pasture, small apple orchard (12 mature trees), small berry patch (several mature blueberries, some raspberries), 3.5 acre cow pasture with Scottish Highland cows under rotational grazing, large barn with workshop, 2 goats, chickens (laying hens, separate coop and outdoor enclosure), seasonally 1-3 pigs, vegetable garden, 7 acre hayfield (provides hay for livestock), 20 acres actively managed (cut at prescribed intervals) under NY grassland management grant, >25 acres forest/woodlot with trails, sugar maples, wildlife (deer, turkey), spring-fed pond. Large barn with workshop, hay loft - accommodates farm vehicles (tractors, ATV, mower) and livestock. Chicken coop/wellhouse and several other outbuildings. 2 main buildings: owners' farmhouse, separate house split into rental unit (occupied) and guest house that would be farm operator's residence. See profile on WWOOF website:

Job Description

We run a family farm/homestead on our 100 acre property, and for family reasons we have to move away in summer 2024...we will not sell the property and would like to keep as much of the "farming" operation running as possible with existing infrastructure and equipment. We plan to return often (e.g. weekends or vacations) and may end up moving back after 5-8 years. We are seeking a farm manager to maintain the property, ideally with an interest in farming/homesteading so our place can provide experience for future farmers while continuing to be actively maintained agriculatural land. Infrastructure includes barn, workshop, chicken coop, fencing, well with pump, cow shed, pig enclosure, trails -  equipments includes 2 tractors with various implements, ATV, tools, beekeeping equipment, machinery incl. chainsaws and weedwhackers.

The farm manager would live rent-free in a guest apartment on the property in exchange for continuous maintenance/upkeep (mowing, clearing brush, maintaining buildings and trails, machinery and vehicles) as well as tending to at least some of the livestock (scottish highland cows, goats, chickens, pigs) and perennials (apple orchard, rhubarb and berry patches) according to interest/ability. Farm products (veggies, berries, eggs, pork, honey, syrup) would be the farm manager's.  The position would begin as an internship (free room and board), allowing to get acquainted with the property and seasonal cycle starting in 2023, then becoming a paid position (see salary range below) after we move away and the manager "takes over" in summer 2024. Strong preference for applicants experienced/skilled in operation of machinery/power tools, vehicle maintenance, construction/repair projects. Guest apartment can accommodate couples/partners. 

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