Farm Manager

Ms Lam Montessori Farm

Ms Lam Montessori school is an internation school that is passinate about educating our children with a balanced mix of academic and life skills. We are located in Brooklyn NY and have recently purchased the farm as part of the school's vision to integrate city and country life skills.

Job Description

Mission: The Ms Lam Montessori Farm is connected with our Brooklyn NYC school. It’s primary purpose it to produce high quality food for the children and to provide a country side educational location for the elementary age children. We are a progressive school that strongly believes in connecting the experience of a farm to the city kids.

Job Overview: The Farm Manager will develop and manage all aspects of the Farm production fields including growing non-certified organic vegetables, fruits and herbs; identifying and selling in local markets and on-site; managing farm interns and working with volunteers; and speaking to our students that frequent the farm for educational days. 

This position requires a strong, practical knowledge of agricultural skills and farm management, and a passionate commitment to education. The manager has primary responsibility for the planning, coordination and implementation of all work and activities at the Farm. The farm currently has three acres of Christmas trees which will be moved for a potential of 10 acreas to be plowed. There are a total of 30 acreas.

Key Requirements: 

Supervision of farm interns and volunteers (patiently and respectfully); 
Coordination with school staff and its owners; 
Produce annual field plans; 
Maintain the school’s requirements for production to ensure the highest quality produce; 
Maintain and develop the farm infrastructure and landscape with the help of interns and volunteers; 
Cooperate with community partners; 
Seed ordering and material acquisition; 
Planning and implementation of weekly planting schedule; 
Insect and weed control, fertility monitoring and general field observation; 
Cultivation activities; 
Infrastructure planning, creation and maintenance; 
Irrigation planning and implementation; 
Soil building program including composting; 
Installation, maintenance and monitoring of deer fencing; 
Plan weekly harvest schedule, harvest, market and deliver; 
Assist with marketing and outreach efforts of the farm;
Integration of farm with other school programs; 
Participate in planning for long-term farm development; 
Coordinate produce needs with culinary, market and educational programs; 
Able to work in the field, outdoor classroom and office including hard repetitive physical work; 
Some evening or special event hours may be required; 
Current driver’s license and a clean driving record; 
Comfortable driving a cube truck and operating farm equipment; and 
Good interpersonal skills. 


Experience working in a team environment with proven leadership skills; 
Demonstrated ability to work independently; 
Demonstrated good organizational and record keeping skills; 
Minimum two years experience of full-season management; 
Demonstrated farm planning experience and working knowledge of farm infrastructure; 
Experience in growing using organic/biodynamic principles; 
Experience working with farm machinery; 
Basic carpentry skills; 
Interest in working with youth and youth programs; 
Demonstrated good communication skills; 
Ability to repeatedly lift 50 pounds;
Self-motivated, cooperative and flexible; 
Responsibly manage administrative and record keeping tasks related to running the farm business and overall success of the organization; 

Salary will be based on experience. Housing is available at the farm and produce will be available for personal consumption. The Farm owner is interested in retaining the right individual for a long-term commitment.