Full Season Farmer

Location: Essex, NY (Essex County)

Term: Full-time, Seasonal

Salary/Pay: 12.50/hr

Deadline to Apply: 03/31/2021

How to Apply: [email protected]

Full and By Farm

Full and By Farm is a 100 acre diversified farm producing vegetables, grains, beef, pork, chicken, eggs, and maple syrup for our 70 local CSA members. Horses provide much of the draft power for fieldwork. Although not certified, our growing practices typically exceed organic standards, and we subscribe to the most humane of animal husbandry practices. We farm holistically— believing that all aspects of the farm are connected—minimizing outside inputs and producing food for our livestock, "fuel" for the draft animals, and compost for the fruits, vegetables and grains.

Job Description

Our Full Season Farm employee will assist in a wide range of work across the farm from transplanting, weeding and harvesting in the vegetable fields to animal chores, rotational fencing, haymaking, compost preparation and butchering. Being on a diverse farm means a lot of diversity in your work—we aim to give employees a good overview of the farm organism as a whole, but there are also plenty of days where more concentrated, tedious work is involved. Workers should come prepared for both. If you have particular areas of interest we are happy to steer your work towards those tasks when possible. There will be a rotational chore schedule on the weekends, with the following Friday off. A good work ethic and willing attitude outweigh experience. Applicants must be physically fit, have a strong attention to detail, be self-directed and able to stay on task and work quickly. Light construction and mechanical skills are a plus but not necessary.