Grass-fed dairy manager

Location: Trumansburg, NY (Tompkins County)

Term: Full-time

Salary/Pay: $15-17

Deadline to Apply: 06/10/2021

How to Apply: [email protected]

Remembrance Farm

A biodynamic vegetable/dairy farm with 12 milking cows. They process milk in the farm to sell. 

Job Description

Grass-fed Dairy Herdsperson and Processor


Remembrance Farm Dairy

6310 Searsburg RD

Trumansburg, NY 14886

Email Contact: [email protected]


Farm Overview

Remembrance Farm is a biodynamic organic farm located on the outskirts of Trumansburg, NY. Minutes from downtown and Cayuga lake. The farm is a large producer of organic salad mixes, specialty roots, and home of the Full Plate CSA. The dairy is a new offering for the farm, now entering its third year. The dairy offers raw milk, pasteurized milk, yogurt and a variety of cheeses. Products are sold as dairy shares through the CSA, wholesale, and private sales. Between 3 and 7 cows are in milk throughout the year, they are grass fed and certified organic. The dairy utilizes a flat parlor and a bucket system for milking, cows are milked once a day and calves are allowed to nurse off their mothers till weaning. During the winter the cows are housed on a composting pack and fed at a rail style feed bunk. During the summer they spend the majority of their time on pasture. 

Herdsman Position Description

The herdsman will be responsible for the daily milking and care of the dairy cows, milk bottling and yogurt production. As well as overseeing the production of compost and care of a small laying flock. Opportunity to work on vegetable side of operation as desired. Experience making yogurt or compost is not required but the herdsman must be knowledgeable in the organic management of dairy cattle. Farm owner is an experienced vegetable farmer and businessman, but is looking to herdsman to bring dairy expertise. Preference given to applicants willing to make a long term commitment.  


• Organic grass-fed dairy management. 
• Ability to operate tractor and skid steer.
• Ability to perform general maintenance and basic repairs on equipment. 
• Design and implement rotational grazing system. 
• Expert milker utilizing skill and patience to produce highest quality milk. 
• Familiarity with once a day milking and milk sharing practices. 
• Knowledge of organic treatments and cattle care. 



$15-$17 an hour depending on experience. Salary a possibility.  

Housing included in three bedroom on farm house. 

Free use of organic vegetables and dairy products for personal consumption. 

Farm business mentorship and opportunity to grow additional on farm enterprises