Mushroom Farmer

Location: Blauvelt, NY (Rockland County)

Term: Full-time, Year round

Salary/Pay: $17.50/hr

Deadline to Apply: 06/11/2021

How to Apply: [email protected]

Hodgins Harvest Mushrooms

Hodgins Harvest is a small, certified organic mushroom farm based in Rockand County, NY. The majority of the mushrooms we produce are black poplar, a few different varieties of oysters, shiitake, chestnut mushrooms and lion's mane. We also sell medicinal mushroom extracts, dried mushrooms and grow-your-own kits.

Job Description

We currently have a position open for a full-time mushroom farmer. Your primary responsibility will be overseeing the lab and incubation side of our operation. That means learning sterile technique, working in the lab to inoculate and process hundreds of substrate blocks per week and keeping track of them as they get ready to “fruit” or produce mushrooms. You will also be helping pack online orders, create grow kits, bottle tinctures in a local restaurant kitchen and other general labor around the farm. This position will involve a lot of physical labor, sometimes repetitive tasks and sometimes long days. You need to be a hard and efficient worker and willing to stay until the work is done every day. This is mostly a Mon-Fri position but some weekend work may be required as necessary. Please submit a resume with references to be considered. Pay is $17.50/hr.