Regenerative Farm Manager

Location: Livingston Manor, NY (Sullivan County)

Term: Full-time, Part-time, Seasonal, Year round

Salary/Pay: Hourly, then salaried with benefits

Deadline to Apply: 06/01/2021

How to Apply: [email protected]

Broadacre Farm

Broadacre Farm, a first of its kind regenerative agrihood in the beautiful Catskills hamlet of Livingston Manor, NY is a 117 acre mountainside former dairy farm which includes 15 tillable acres of protected farmland for orchards, grazing and vegetable production with a commitment to regenerative agriculture practices that promote soil health and carbon sequestration.  

The property will feature a renovated barn with greenhouse and a commercial kitchen for farm to table co-packing of value added products. New roads & utilities are being built on the site to accommodate ~46 residential houses, the farm portion of the property will be owned by the homeowner’s association and permanently protected for agricultural use.  The location is unique not only for its sweeping views, but also for diversity of wildlife and walkable accessibility to the up-and-coming town of Livingston Manor, renowned for its fly fishing & outdoor activities.

Job Description

Broadacre Farm is seeking an aspiring farmer or farming family to join our founding team as Farm Manager.  Initially, our needs are more limited and can be accomplished hourly, but this will grow into a full-time salaried opportunity with profit sharing and benefits including housing upon establishment of the farm’s operations.  We are seeking a true partner who is looking for a long term opportunity to grow without the burden of land ownership.  As the farm is a startup and needs to brought back to life, the Farm Manager will have broad discretion and autonomy to work with management to devise & execute the whole farm plan.


  • 5+ years of farming experience (hay, pasture management, orchard production, berry production, vegetable production preferred) 
  • 2+ years of animal husbandry experience 
  • Knowledge of organic and regenerative farming methods, and a passion for knowledge sharing 


2021 growing season

  • Work together with our team, the Rodale Institute, Appleseed Permaculture and the Cornell Extension to finalize farm design elements and infrastructure requirement and assist in the selection of the required farm equipment
  • Establish and manage ~15 acres in row crop (corn) production; land is wet and has been in permanent hay for decades.  Marketing and sale of crop is at the discretion of the farmer
  • Help select rootstocks, plant and establish one orchard of pear & chestnut trees, and one orchard of apples intercropped with perennial herbs
  • Assist with recordkeeping to ensure all methods of production are in compliance with the National Organic Program

Post-2021 growing season

  • Replace corn with deep-rooted cover crops to support grazing as well as improve soil health, drainage, and organic matter
  • Establish both the cover crop as well as fencing & windbreaks, water and shed infrastructure in preparation for introducing livestock to the property
  • Select animals to establish an educational scale rotational fiber grazing operation with heritage breed sheep, goats, alpacas, and egg laying chickens as well as beekeeping
  • Greenhouse management to include year-round organic seed starts and establishment of a community vegetable garden with 50 raised beds to be planted in the Spring
  • Establish forest farming activities including mushroom logs and small scale sugar maple tapping
  • Establish the framework for a hyper local 100-member CSA that will serve all 46 residences as well as the surrounding community

2022 and beyond

  • Work with the community’s brand to develop value-added farm products using sheep & alpaca fibre, honey, eggs, and establishing a micro-dairy for specialty goat & sheeps milk products
  • Lead farm tours and regenerative farming educational programming
  • Establish a CSA debit card program for the residents & neighbors in the community 
  • Represent the community at farmers markets in the Catskills region and in New York City
  • Determine inventory and manage part time help in the weekend operation of an on-site farmstand