Know Your Roots

Know Your Roots
Three little words with a meaning as deep as any tree can grow.
They reflect our connection to the earth, the crops we nurture, the plants we harvest, and the products we make with our hands.
From Orchards to Herbs, Know Your Roots provides consultations, education and guidance to help you get to know your land better and bring it to its full potential, so you can utilize its bounty.
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Job Description

Know Your Roots is seeking a seasonal intern or employee dedicated to learning and practicing regenerative agriculture skills for integrated farm systems with perennial fruit crops as their centerpiece. Through this internship you will have the opportunity to experience and learn a wide array of skills including outdoor and indoor mushroom production, beekeeping, soils and soil management, composting/biochar production, orcharding (e.g., apples, elderberries, etc.), and biodynamic preparation making and their application.

All learning opportunities are within the Finger Lakes region of central NY, primarily in the greater Ithaca area, though there are opportunities outside of the area that may be considered if appropriate.

This is a paid position. Stipend or wage rate dependent on applicant (commensurate with experience). This position runs from ~April through October (flexible on start and end dates). We cannot provide housing, transportation, meals, computer or cell phone. The successful candidate must have reliable access to each.

To inquire or apply, please send a brief compelling letter of interest, résumé or relevant work experience, and relevant educational background to [email protected]. Please no phone calls.