Featured Farm Profile: Lundy Farm at Reconsider

View of farm entrance with deer fence

Could you tell us a little bit about your farm or farmland?

The property is part of what once was a sprawling estate that is mostly state forest now. It's owned by a nonprofit called Reconsider that looks to address today's critical issues by creating community and supporting transformational experiences. The property is used as a headquarters and gathering place for Reconsider's work. The property is also rented for wellness retreats, corporate events, weddings, and other functions.

The farm portion of the property has two acres of deer-fenced field and a half-acre automated greenhouse with heated propagation tables. There is a variety of farm equipment that can also be made available including two tractors and a walk-behind BCS.

What type of arrangement are you looking to make with a farmer?

We are hoping to find someone that shares our values and will make a good partner.

We currently hope a flower/herb farmer will lease the land but are open to other forms of partnership and farming.

Do you have any personal goals for making your land available for farming?

We want to activate the space, to bring life to the field and the greenhouse, and ideally, provide value in some way for guests to the property (which could be a tour or a class or just providing arrangements for the buildings).

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